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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WOW... No more Amazon on conceptships:(

I guess the state of Colorado and are in a big sales tax debacle. Amazon thought it would be wise to punish all associates in Colorado by abruptly closing our accounts. Nice.

The crazy thing is... I've always loved Amazon and frankly... I'm a little hurt by the whole thing. I liked having the carousel book widgets at the side of this blog. Along with fitting the design layout of the blog and generating a little bit of revenue , it made me feel like I was giving back to the artists and publishers as well.

Oh well... I took the books down. I just can't see continuing advertising for such a big company after being treated in such a manner. Thanks to Scott at Design studio press, the Steambot crew, Doug Chiang, Daniel Simon and everyone else that had a great book there.

I appreciated doing a little business with you... Later!


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