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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Scott has been crazy busy on his book BLAST which will drop around March of 2012. It will feature art from Scott as well as Danny Gardner and Annis Naeem. It will also feature spreads from 6 guest artists, Harald Belker, Ian McQue, David Hobbins, Thom Tenery, Darren Bacon, and Joon Ahn. Scott also sent me a layered file to mess with for this month's header graphic. Thanks Scott!

Keywords: digital tablet concept spaceship art illustrations design by scott robertson from upcoming educational concept art book blast published by design studio press culver city california animated high definition 30 fps frames per second flash loop by igor tkac composite fx effects vector text

Keywords: high resolution definition 1080p concept spaceship robot droid technical hard surface illustrations 3d renders by angel alonso angelitoon sample sci-fi science fiction concept art


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