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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ships from Strike Vector

Ragequit Corporation is proud to announce that Strike Vector will enter open beta stage early January 2014. Check out the game play on youtube!

Starting with a 4 indie devs core team, the now 9 devs indie team behind Strike Vector is almost ready to launch Strike Vector after 15 months of hard work.
Strike Vector has been greenlit in under one month in august 2013 by steam and will now be released in early 2014.

Strike Vector is a new kind of fast FPS wich takes place in the sky in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world.
In the pure tradition of the sacred monsters of hardcore FPS such as Quake 3, Strike Vector will offer you a massive challenge if you want to stand against the best players.

Juggle with the two transformation modes to surprise and eradicate the other players.
Rush to the fight and carpet bomb the battlefield with the Jet mode and engage the enemy in lethal close combat with the hover mode.

With 8 unique weapons and a lot of specialization perks, try to create the best combination to rocket the score board to the top.

Prepare for a massive adrenaline rush when you’ll be flying across 8 gigantic and unique industrial sci-fi arenas where a crash is waiting for you at any moment.

Customize your Vector the way you like with a choice of various cockpits and engines to be the pimpest pilot around!

All the future contents for Strike Vector will be provided for FREE.
The game will constantly grow with FREE DLCs. Ragequit Corporation will bring new maps, new amazing modes and many other surprises.
No premium versions, no micro-payments, no costly DLCs! All of that will be free for players.
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