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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post # 901 on conceptships

It's almost 2013! I've got tons of stuff in the works tor this new year. I tried so hard to make this my 200th post for the year but my t-shirt shop wouldn't let me, so it's post number 194:)

I am looking for someone to possibly collaborate with on a new header for concept vehicles and possibly concept robots as well. It will be fully credited to the artist and will be kept up for an entire year. I've got some ideas on some simple loops we could make with new or existing art. Hit me up.

Thanks for supporting my ongoing concept art gallery experiment! I am really trying to make a header #100 with this blog. Please help me get there! Also, let's connect on LinkedIN! Look for a new header January 1st and let's have a productive 2013!

Check out this amazing animated Flash loop done by Andrey Pervukhin and Angel Alonso for the new concept tanks header. Super nice! Thanks guys!

Keywords: quarterly rant on concept ships post number 901 nine hundred and one collaboration animated flash loop animation composite project between Andrey Pervukhin Angel Alonso and Igor Tkac header graphic for concept tanks blogazine

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