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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Concept ships by Joachim Sverd

Joachim writes:
This is a 640m long central deck battlecruiser, meaning it's got a central deck with magnetic gravity on both sides, like a hamburger, where the buns are the hull, and the burger is the gravity deck.
The ship carries two different weapon systems. The primary offensive system consists of four fixed particle cannons facing forward, and at either side of the bridge.

The second system consists of a hybrid fighter/manned turret that fold away into the hull in four large bays. This system is a telescopic multi jointed twin cannon, that can reach almost every angle and will provide full coverage all over the sky. In addition to this, the gun cradle acts as a launch platform that will enable the turret to detatch and preform as an autonomous cannon unit/fighter.
Retrieval is by a central, twin landing bay, that works like two elevators end to end. The mothership is symmetrical over the central deck, and can carry a total compliment of 42 hybrid fighter turrets.

I also added another couple of shots of another ship I did this spring, this is also an battlecruiser called Meridian, with carrier capabilities.
Here's a shot of it launching UAV/tactical batteries, and a shot of the bridge interior, and a different colorsceme on the tac bat, oh and a repairbay interior.

Keywords: concept spaceship art illustration design 3d modelling by joachim sverd


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