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Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman movie theater tragedy

Some of you that follow this site might know that my wife and I reside in Denver, Colorado.

Last night, We checked in to where the Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" movie was doing a late night premiere and the only theater close to us that was not sold out was the Aurora 16 theaters. I turn 41 today and thought a super late 3 hour movie could be fun and something a little bit different to do for us. After a few minutes of contemplating, We decided to wait until the crowds die down and possibly see it on a larger screen since the Aurora 16 theaters are not the best quality.

The fact that My wife is pregnant and that it was a Thursday night (early Friday morning) made the decision to wait a lot easier. I can only imagine what would have happened if it was a Friday night under a little different circumstances.

It seems very surreal that this little city of Aurora, Colorado halted a Paris, France world premiere with cast and crew for the new Batman film and got condolences from President Obama (He knows Aurora well since he flies into Buckley Air Force Base which is located there).

It is sad that the state of Colorado is starting to be known for mass shootings rather than the amazing mountainous landscape views and talented citizens.

It is a sad day here, do something nice for someone you love over there.
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