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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blast book and Remora model kit

Some nice goodies showed up recently that I thought I would share with you. Scott Robertson sent me an advance copy of BLAST by Design Studio Press which will be available in two weeks from Amazon. The book is beautiful, jam packed with incredible spaceship art. Right up our alley! Annis Naeem and Danny Gardner blast out some jaw dropping design work with Scott Robertson finishing it out with his incredible rendering techniques. You will love this book, especially if you own Drive as it's in the exact same size and format.

Another amazing project I've received is Industria Mechanika'a Ramora 1/35 scale model kit based off of Ian McQue's amazing art. I'd love to paint this but I'm afraid I won't do it any justice...Especially after seeing Michael Fichtenmayer's versions. If you'd like to paint it, hit me up via the submit button with some model work you've done and I will send it to you. I will need it back but will feature it as a Header animation with full credit to you, the painter.

My wife and I are off to Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday. Truth be told, I can hardly afford it but the In-Laws are flipping a lot of the bill so it is a MUST GO. Can't wait to do a little photography. Look for posts on all of the concept blogs and a new header for May. I'ts been crazy around here so Matt's header stays for another month. Thanks for all of your support and submissions... I've got some big news in the next month or two that might change the way we do things around here.
P.S. Help support an amazing artist by contributing to his book project... I have. Later!

Keywords: scott robertson design studio press annis naeem danny gardner blast book amazon science fiction sci-fi spaceship environments concept art educational material industria mechanika ramora 1/35 scale model kit designed by ian mcque painted by michael fichtenmayer fichtenfoo  

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