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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Concept ships by Banksy

Hello spaceshippers... Somethin' a little different today. I'm going to be airbrushing t-shirts at the ZUMIEZ 100k party up at Keystone tonight for the third straight year. The event is packed full of skate and snowboard pros along with some celebs. Snoop Dogg, Flavor Flav and Mix Master Mike were there last year along with an original piece of art by Shepard Fairey. Speaking of him, if you've not seen the documentary Exit through the giftshop... You need to! Here is a piece by BANKSY. Another piece on ROBOTS.

Keywords: art gallery exhibition conceptual art piece by banksy as seen in exit through the gift shop a banksy film documentary featuring shepard fairey banksy rhys ifans mister mr brain wash mbw obey giant zumiez 100k party keystone colorado 1 11 2011


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