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Saturday, November 22, 2008

What!? A Saturday post?

I've found this interview (through technorati) with Lou Anders on the deadoftheday blogspot.

Check out paragraph number 9.
It reads: How/where do you meet/hire most of the illustrators you work with?

It varies. I hate to disappoint, but almost never have I hired someone who approached me unsolicited in email. I tend to see works that speak to me on other book covers and pay attention to who the illustrators are. Other art directors make recommendations and put me in touch with artists. I met John Picacio in 2001 at a convention, when writer Graham Joyce introduced us. I believe Irene Gallo (Tor’s art director) put me in touch with Stephan Martiniere and Dan Dos Santos. Picacio introduced me to Caniglia, Bob Eggleton, Dave Seeley, Todd Lockwood and Dominic Harman. I engaged Chris McGrath after his agent approached me on another client’s behalf. Recently, I’ve begun to work with Benjamin Carre, after Mark Newton – and editor at Solaris but an author with a book forthcoming from Tor in the UK – put him on my radar. I met Dave Palumbo at a convention. I also follow Irene Gallo’s blog, Gorilla Artfare, and (now) (Interesting, I’ve posted compliments on artists’ works on some of these art showcase blog sites, but not once have any of them followed me back to see if I was interested in them professionally. Hmmm.) But looking at all this, it seems like the best way to get on my radar is to befriend John Picacio, doesn’t it?

So hard to believe this blog is mentioned along side of those other heavy-weights and only after a little over a year of hustlin'... Amazing!

Please reply or shoot an email my way if you get "discovered" from this joint and actually score a paying gig. I'd love a conceptships success story... Later!

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