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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Conceptships humor

A little brake from the insane art and artists featured here on concept ships as of late with some sci-fi spaceship humor.

This zombie George Jetson vector illustration comes from my good friend Rich Barry. Rich and I graduated the same year from Platt college tech. He is a master of the Illustrator to Toon Boom to Flash work flow. Check out some of his animations at Right-Hemisphere laboratory.

Hahahahahaha... The starch ship "plate-o-fries" by Rick Wawiernia and Ivy Hill.

Here's something I made a while back for CG Society's Lucas vs. Jackson theme.

Thanks for supporting CONCEPTSHIPS. More tight concept ship art and animations on the way... Stay tuned!

Keywords: rich barry's right hemisphere laboratory concept illustrator illustration animation toon boom flash rick wawiernia ivy hill art gecko arizona starch trek the next germination plate o fries comic book george lucas vs versus peter jackson on speeder igor tkac

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