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Monday, August 13, 2007

concept spaceships from film to videogames

Welcome to my concept spaceship blog. I will try to post weekly news, links, pictures and video of the best concept spaceships relating to video game art, movies, television series and anything else I can find along with my own personal concept ship sketches. Thanks!

Do you have any personal concept spaceship art that you would like to have published here on conceptships? Please send jpeg stills or turntable flash animations to conceptships.blogspot
All artwork used will be fully credited along with a link to the owner's site.
Please try to keep Flash animations to 1178 pixels wide and less than ten megs.

Keywords: star wars spaceship concept art drafting blueprint for spaceship design millennium falcon x wing tie fighter y wing w wing star trek battlestar galactica babylon 5 concept spaceship design modeling spaceship concept sci-fi concept ship drawing sketch igors concept spaceship art blog space ship concepts spaceship concepts

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