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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old screen capture of conceptships

The t-shirt shop goes crazy in the Summer time. I do like 80% of my business in the next three months. So, no new monthly header again. That is as long as the site has ever gone without it. The good news is, this site is technically still in the concept stage and is obviously working. I've made friends with tons of you, submissions are steady, I have headers lined up for like five months and the site generates a little bit of revenue. Super exciting!

When I first thought of this concept, one of my biggest fears was that all of the professional concept artists out there were going to reject it and I would anger all of the talented folks I so looked up to. So... Thanks! I honestly believe that together we can make something revolutionary and I am currently working on something HUGE that will combine all of the sites into one great big NETWORK.

Check out this old screencap of the site a few years back. Stay tuned!

Keywords: screen capture image of from 2009


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