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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sorry I've been away for a minute!

Holy cow! I am still alive... If anyone is wondering. My apologies for stepping away from the blogs for a minute. I sold my house, my wife sold hers. We were homeless for three months looking for a work/live home which we have finally found. Moved all of our stuff in, including my whole t-shirt shop. We also knocked down a load bearing wall and installed sufficient electrical for all of the shop equipment, all around the holidays. That = exhausting! We still have a ways before it gets to where it needs to be.

Now for the good news. We are operational again with 25 mbps cable speeds (two to three megs a second downloads!) and my customers will now come to me instead of driving to work so hopefully that means more time for the concept art blogs. Sorry for not having a new header for January but I just had to concentrate on the live/work situation. I would love to make these sites my full time job but that is just not realistic at this time. Look for a bunch of cool stuff this year though, including a new header for February.

Thanks to all of you guys for submitting art and to you who are dedicated readers... I seriously could not do this without you. Here is to 2012... Let's go!!!


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