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Friday, December 11, 2009

Concept ships from the video game SPACE ACE

Don Bluth is one of my favorite artists and SPACE ACE was one video game I finished in the arcade (on the most difficult "ace" setting) just so I could see the whole animation... My buddy used to work at Showbiz pizza and gave me tokens for days so I could finish it. I'm thinking about getting this in the HD format version... Mr. Don Bluth is a MASTER! *EDIT* I just bought this for the iphone... Amazing with headphones on! I bought Dragon's Lair and Cobra Command too! Dorking.... right now.

Keywords: concept animated spaceship art from space ace 80's eighties arcade game from don bluth born into a family of seven children in el paso texas grew up on a dairy farm in payson utah in a highly creative environment when he was not milking cows he was drawing cartoons
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