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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gunslinger - Jet fighter by Mateja Petkovic

Our friend Mateja writes:
Here is something I've been working on the last 7 days on and off.
Inspired by the upcoming game Star Citizen, I wanted to create my own ship, maybe a bit heavier than the usual jet fighter.
The story is that some bad group called Skidrow (tpb forever), still living on planet Earth decided to make their own ship using junkyard parts with some stolen modern technology, engines, guns etc., so they can fly into space.
The entire craft is created with different parts of F15, F35, different Caterpillar machines and other stuff I could find to create this mash up.

Keywords: concept heavy ship plane fighter mashed up with real air force jet airplane pieces parts f-15 f-35 fighter jet concept by mateja petkovic weapons loaded with cargo in hangar dock refuel missile bomb equipped military space vehicle

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